Oral Presentation Medical Parents of Australia & New Zealand: Art of Balance 2018

Don’t forget the CANDLES - Inspiring our kids to achieve their full potential (51405)

Dana Bell 1
  1. Soulful Kids, Adelaide

When we contemplate “Inspiring our kids to achieve their full potential”, it can feel overwhelming! Especially when we are perceived as high achievers by many people, we might feel pressure to achieve our own potential, let alone supporting our loved ones to achieve theirs! In our busy lives, where do we start or find the time?!

This session will focus on simple and practical strategies and tools that reduce overwhelm, maintain family connection and increase self-awareness for us and our kids… 

Strategies are grounded in Neuroscience and Positive Psychology… in a way that is fun and practical in our busy lives!

-Routines to Rituals (micro activities to integrate into existing daily routine)

-Meditation and Mindfulness for Kids


-5 Love Languages (what style does your child prefer to feel appreciated and loved?)