Oral Presentation Medical Parents of Australia & New Zealand: Art of Balance 2018

#MyColleagues - Social media, connection and thriving in medicine (51399)

Jacqui Gore 1
  1. Medtogether, Manly, QLD, Australia

Medical Parents and Parents to Be is an amazing group of doctors, we are highly connected, a unique “tribe” within our medical culture.  With this meeting we are in an exciting position to have an interactive and innovative look at what is working for us.  How can we build on this? The research shows we are hard wired to connect and that relationships are the key to our happiness and health.  Can we bring our understanding of the power of connection and the force that is social media together to work even more powerfully for us in the future? 

Come to this meeting where we can work together, innovate, and share our ideas. Empowering ourselves and our colleagues to thrive in medicine and in life.   

We will use pollev.com so don’t forget your phone.  Please PM Jacqui if you would like to see any particular questions addressed to the audience. You can respond to questions via PollEv.com/jacquigore731. You can also text JACQUIGORE731 to +61 429 883 481 to join into the session, from which point you can then text your answers.