Oral Presentation Medical Parents of Australia & New Zealand: Art of Balance 2018

Look after YOUR MONEY - Top Financial Mistakes Doctors Make  (50322)

Michelle Gianferrari

Doctors avoid having conversations about their finances because they feel they are too difficult to have, as most doctors lack the technical knowledge to feel comfortable with the topic. As a result it is often neglected and common mistakes are made. In this dynamic session Michelle Gianferrari, Head of Education and Alumni, will focus on the top financial mistakes that doctors make and how to avoid them. Key financial considerations will be identified, simplified and discussed as they are important in securing your financial future.

Specifically Michelle will outline:

1. The right structure to manage and minimise your tax efficiently

2. Why you are your biggest asset and why you need to protect yourself

3. Building your super balance and the benefits of starting this early

4. Reducing debt and growing investments at the same time, how this is possible.

5. Correct structuring to ensure your assets are left to those who matter most

Come along to learn and laugh, at what so many of you get wrong but could so easily get right.